Tahoe Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping and design service to suit every project and budget.
Here you will find a visual sampling of the landscape features we provide for Tahoe and Truckee homes.

Rock Stairs & Steps

A natural and beautiful way of accessing different areas of your property such as a patio, lakefront beach, or raised planting bed. Stone staircases can be grandiose, resistant to erosion or the elements, and functional.
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Retaining Walls, Terraces,
& Planters

A Tahoe Landscaping Specialty, Eric and his crew have a keen eye for symmetry and aesthetics. Each rock is hand placed to create walls that provide the utmost form and function.
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Patios & Walkways

Patios are an extension of the home and can create outdoor living space with features such as dining areas, firepits, seating areas, and hot tubs. Stone walkways blend into the native mountain environment and add to the natural appeal of a landscape.
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Tahoe boasts a number of native rock types, including Sierra Granite, Native Tahoe Brown Stone, and Moss/Lichen covered boulders. Our designs often incorporate large boulders to match your natural environment. These are meticulously placed with no scarring of the rocks and to add texture and visual interest to our landscapes.
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Landscape Mounds

Elevation changes in the landscaping add visual interest not found on flat, featureless landscapes. These dirt mounds can then be accented with boulders and plants.
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Firepits are a comfortable and relaxing way to get outside and enjoy mountain evenings. We specialize in gas firepits of natural stone and can add stone seating or patio furniture to complete the area.
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Dry Creeks

Dry Creeks are a creative way to give viewers the impression of movement and flowing water. They also function well to transport or divert runoff.
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This versatile landscape feature can provide a place for family gatherings or simply add calming, cooling green to your property.
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